His shelter name was Max, but I want to rename him.

Please give me name suggestions for this snuggly, amazing, playful, and handsome purebred American Eskimo dog!

  1. cheekypancake said: If I had an American Eskimo (WHICH I LOVE AHH) I would name it Marshmellow! xD;; I have a friend who named her’s “Ghost” after the white Game of Thrones wolf. It’s a cute name for it too~~ idk~~~ xD but wow, what a cutie you have!
  2. rhubarbwithoutstrawberries said: Cotton? Shiro? fff I’m not good at names. BUT HE IS DARLING.
  3. rice-pilaf said: Balto was the first thing that came to mind lol. But also Ghost popped into my head. (I like Mytho too)
  4. kriswinter said: I was always fond of things like Snowball, but that’s so unoriginal. OTL
  5. attackoftheblobfish said: What about Nilak - It’s an inuit word for ice ? <3
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  7. e-meersie said: Siegfried!
  8. ginnekomiko said: Snow, Ghost, and Prince popped into my head for non-fandom related names. *shrug*
  9. klondikeaura said: Pavlov. But what else would you expect from someone who named her cat Schroedinger?
  10. alskaichou said: My first thought when I looked at him was Mytho… Idunnoitfits AND HE’S BEAUTIFUL ASDNFASDFA
  11. kirbygal said: Since he’s white…..Mytho? (I know, predictable, but it’s all I could think of)
  12. headlessknight said: I have no suggestions, but he’s a beauty.
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