Guys, guys, guys

My year-long dream of getting a tablet monitor is FINALLY coming true in the new year. And I think that will be prelude to a brand new year of art for me.

Granted, I still have to buy it. But I know this is going to be worth it. I wish I could get it already, but I’m going to have to wait for now (currently out of stock where I want to buy, hurr hurr).

BUT I AM SO EXCITED. That’s going to open so many more doors for me with art and I won’t have to rely on posting mostly sketches anymore!

Oh, and that said, I’ll probably start making “Art of 2012” things to post today and tomorrow. I actually did quite a bit of art this year, now that I look back. Just a lot more sketches than anything else.

Anyway, what are you guys all looking to do in the new year?

  1. anidori-kiladra said: That’s so exciting for you! I look forward to your new art next year!
  2. kriswinter said: I’m going to be finishing more works with no lines. 8D That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m finally feeling comfortable with it. Congrats too~ Using a tablet display is a ton easier than a tablet alone.
  3. cellophanerose said: sooooo cool!!
  4. rhubarbwithoutstrawberries said: More mandartz <333
  5. asatira said: Congrats! A tablet monitor sounds like a great thing, a bit more natural than the usual tablet interface. Here’s to more great art and a great 2013.
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